This Dad Couldn't Find A 'Big Hero 6' Toy For His Daughter, So He Decided To Make One

After his daughter asked to dress up as Honey Lemon from "Big Hero 6" for Comic Con this year, Brendan Lee ran into a problem: he couldn’t find any toys for her costume. So he decided he’d just have to make one himself.

The father from Glendora, N.J., said his 5-year-old daughter Sophia has loved "Big Hero 6" since she first saw it. It’s her favorite movie, and she especially adores Honey Lemon, a character in the movie who studies chemistry. Sophia has told her father she wants to be a "cowgirl scientist," so her request to dress like Honey Lemon at Comic Con was no surprise.

After agreeing to his daughter’s costume, Lee discovered he had to get creative since he couldn’t find toys from the movie. Honey Lemon’s signature accessory is her Power Purse, so he made a replica for Sophia.

brendan lee big hero 6 toy

"I’ve never crafted anything like this or worked with foam before, so there was a lot of YouTube videos and trial and error from the very start," he said in an email to The Huffington Post. "I spent about 10 hours watching various videos to figure out the materials and techniques I would use and used a close-up screen cap from the movie as my template and designed it from there."

Lee estimated he spent 30 hours on the purse from start to finish, and the final product is far from average. Sophia’s purse lights up, features a periodic table and even has a port for her "chem-balls."

brendan lee big hero 6 toy

brendan lee big hero 6 toy

When she made her appearance at Comic Con in Philadelphia, she proudly displayed her costume. Many people recognized her, and she happily took photos.

brendan lee big hero 6 toy

"Each time someone asked for her picture, she would pull out her chem-ball and strike a pose," Lee said. "She had an absolute blast."

Because he has some materials left, Lee said he’ll probably end up making something else for Sophia. She’s already asked to be Go Go Tomago, another character from "Big Hero 6," for next year’s Comic Con.

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