Queer Art Pushes Boundaries: Why I Made My Explicit Gay Porn Music Video

As the shimmering, lube-smeared bottom descended over my face while the cameras rolled, one question ran through my mind. Not, “Have I taken this music video too far?” but instead, “Have I taken this far enough?”

Over the past three days, my explicit music video House of Air has been viewed more than 400,000 times. It has resulted in 3,500 comments, five email hacks, two death threats and one online protest video from Brazil (and a counter-protest video). The film clip, which was released on 30 January, is a light-hearted, extremely explicit look at the world of gay semiotics. You can watch it right now if you like – but if you’re at work, or a child, or just not in the mood to look directly at some sex, you shouldn’t.


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