Bret Easton Ellis Apologizes For Kathryn Bigelow Tweets

Twitter heel Bret Easton Ellis has apologized for a handful of inflammatory tweets against "Zero Dark Thirty" director Kathryn Bigelow that he sent out starting on Dec. 6, 2012.

"I've taken a lot of hits in my career—they bounce off," Ellis wrote in a 2,200-word-plus explainer-cum-apology for The Daily Beast. "The armor was built so long ago that I now assume everyone else in the public eye can handle it when they’re shot at. But the outcry over the Bigelow tweets was eye-opening to me in a way that nothing else has ever been. I got it. I heard it. I looked back at what I was doing with those tweets (quickly, unconsciously, hurriedly, drunkenly) and I have to admit they simply back-fired. Which is why I’m writing this. No one asked me to write this. I simply write something like this when I'm in pain. And I’ve been slowly feeling a painfulness when reading all of the articles reacting to those tweets."

Ellis started a wildfire when he wrote that Bigelow, who won an Oscar for directing "The Hurt Locker" and could win another for "Zero Dark Thirty," was overrated because she was an attractive woman.

As Ellis notes in his new piece, he hadn't seen "Zero Dark Thirty" when he wrote those tweets and still hasn't found time to watch Bigelow's latest. According to the author, he'll take a break from tweeting until after he catches up with "Zero Dark Thirty."

"And then, perhaps, we can start all over again."

Ellis' piece was met with mixed reaction in both the comments section and on Twitter. "As if anyone cares," wrote one commenter. Noted this Twitter user:

For Ellis' full apology, head over to The Daily Beast.

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