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The Brewtis Bottle Holder Is Our Kind Of Beer Thermos (PHOTO)

Joke's on you, water bottle haters.

You know those sanctimonious jerks who bring a Nalgene bottle with them everywhere they go? It kind of feels like just by having it, they're saying, "I'm a well-prepared adult who is concerned about my personal hydration, carbon footprint and also has impeccable taste in water bottles. Did you even shower today?"

Well, joke's on you, water bottle haters -- thanks to the Brewtis BottleKeeper, now we've got one for our beers.


This stainless steel, neoprene-lined bottle will protect and insulate your beer bottle in all kinds of fun situations. Or soda bottle, if that's more your style. You can pick one up for $20 on the Fancy. Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to find a boat to take our beer thermos on this summer.

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