BREXIT - Can the UK Escape the Clutches of Goldman Sachs?

The MSM isn't allowed to frame it this way, but these are the battle lines.  

What's really going on in the EU is what's going on all over the World but, so far, only the UK has woken up from the stupor induced by the shock of the Financial Crisis, which was caused by out of control Banksters, to realize that their economy is being drained for the benefit of the same Banksters that caused the crisis in the first place.  

Unfortunately for Great Britain, the Fox (news) is guarding the henhouse as their Central Bank is now run by 13-year Goldman Sachs veteran Mark Carney, whose previous posts were in South Africa and Russia as those countries went through massive upheaval (end of Apartheid and collapse of the Soviet Union).  He left that high-paying job in 2004 to go work for Canada's Finance Ministry, working his way up with lightning speed to become it's Governor and then Governor of the Bank of England.  

Both Carney and fellow GS alumni, Mario Draghi are saying it will be a catastrophe for the UK to leave the European Union but the UK has been around for well over 1,000 years and it's been in the EU for 23 years and they didn't even use the Euro until 10 years ago - so the people there have a slightly different perspective on things.  The UK simply wants to opt out of policies of economic madness that, as you can see from the above chart is being fueled by a cadre of ex-Goldman employees who now run most of the national banks of Europe - including the ECB itself.  Don't worry, they don't own Yellen -  but they don't need to - they own everyone else, including the Bankster they ran for President in the last election:

That's $13Tn, in case you are keeping score.  $13Tn that the US (on your behalf) has borrowed in order to make sure the banking industry stays profitable.  Now, the banks would like you to believe that their solvency was at issue but the FDIC insurance covers $250,000 per account and $13Tn would have covered 52M $250,000 accounts so it would have been TRILLIONS cheaper to let the bad banks fail.  

There are, in fact, only $8.2Tn in all US banks, the other $5Tn was to make up for previous losses incurred by our "too big to fail" Masters so that they could continue to receive their Mult-million Dollar annual bonuses for exploiting the masses.  And, of course, more than half of that $8.2Tn is deposited at local banks that did not engage in bad practices and were not in need of massive bailouts.  It was the bad actions of a few big banks that caused all the damage and those banks demanded to be deregulated specifically so they could buy local banks and create a situation in which companies like JPM suddenly owned Chase Financial - so now if JPM needed a bailout... it was to protect the little people whose banks they had taken over.  WHAT A SCAM!!!  

Anyway, just a little background as I didn't want to go off on a tangent - let's get back to the UK and the EU.  My point is the UK, like Elizabeth Warren, has woken up to the problem and is starting to see what's really going on here and they would prefer that their country not be run into the ground by Banksters along with the rest of the EU, which is already in way too deep to change course.  

In fact, just this morning, Draghi went full Koroda (BOJ Governor) with another $400Bn worth of monetary easing, including:

  • Main Interest Rates now 0% for Member Banks (dropped 0.5%) 
  • Overnight Deposit Rates now -0.4% (from -0.3%, gives banks excuse to pay depositors 0 for their money, which the banks are free to use as they wish to make profits)
  • Marginal Lending Rate 0.25%
  • QE Asset Purchases (Government buys whatever crap the Banks want to sell): $88Bn/month (was $65Bn) AND program extended to AT LEAST March, 2017.  

In addition to all these goodies, the ECB has rolled out 4 new Targeted Long-Term Refinancing Operations (TLTROs) at -0.4%, allowing banks to get PAID 0.4% for borrowing money.  This is all at the expense of the European People, who, like the poor US citizens, are being put into debt up to their eyeballs through the actions of their Central Banks.  

What happens next?  One day, they will change the narrative and suddenly all these debts we racked up will be unacceptable to the Banksters and, like Greece, they will begin to foreclose on our country and demand that we sell off our national assets at fire sale prices (to the Banksters, of course) so we can finally fulfill Jefferson's vision.  

No wonder the people of England want to escape this debt trap before it's too late and Draghi did exactly what they didn't want him to do today, pushing the UK and the EU even further apart.  Meanwhile, this clear act of economic desperation (and the ECB's economists just cut their 2016 outlook from 1.7% growth to 1.4%) is causing quite the market rally, with EU indexes flying up to our 2.5% Rule (that should be the top) but the UK, with Brexit now looming, is only up 0.67%.  US Indexes are up about 1% but held down by a strong Dollar, which is up 1% as well.

The Euro is down 1.25% on the latest money drop and that's one of the ways the Banksters rob you.  If you had $1M last night, you now have $987,500,000 and you've contributed $12,500 to the betterment of the EU if by the EU, we mean the Banksters that control it because in no way, shape or form does any of this do ANYTHING positive for the actual people who live there.  So, as the song goes:

God Save the Queen

There is no future

And England's dreaming

 Anyway, when we get a pop like this it's a great opportunity to short the Futures and we like 2,010 on the S&P (/ES) and 4,350 on the Nasdaq (/NQ) and 1,085 on the Russell (/TF) as shorting lines, with tight stops if we head over.  Nikkei (/NKD) 17,100 is also a great line for shorting.  

Why do we like those lines - that's where the 2.5% lines are in the EU and the 5% Rule dictates that we should get rejected there for at least a pullback while Fundamentals dictate that this is a terrifying act of an out of control Central Bank that is exemplifying Einstein's version of insanity by repeating the same behavior over and over again and expecting different results.  Well, actually, as I noted, Draghi and Carney want the same results - MORE FREE MONEY for their pals.  Nothing that we didn't discuss 5 years ago in this video:

So you see, nothing changes.  5 years down the road and we're having the same discussions while the Banksters take the same actions yet the people expect different results.  I sincerely hope the UK does manage to escape Goldman Sach's clutches - maybe they can inspire others to do the same before we're so far in debt we'll have no choice but to surrender our sovereignty in exchange for an overdue interest payment.