British PM Theresa May Goes Full Gollum In Precious Andy Serkis Parody

May obsesses over Brexit in this spoof video from the "Lord Of The Rings" star.

Actor Andy Serkis gave Britain’s beleaguered Prime Minister Theresa May the Gollum treatment in a new viral video.

Serkis reprised his iconic motion-captured role from the “Lord Of The Rings” movies to depict May as obsessed with one thing, and one thing only.

No, not a ring — but the United Kingdom’s plan to leave the European Union, a.k.a. Brexit, which is currently stalling as May’s attempts to strike a deal with the EU falls short with members of her own Conservative government.

“Oh, Precious, our agreement. This is it. Our deal. We takes back control. Money, borders, laws, blue passportses,” says Serkis, who then flips character to do battle with himself: “No. It hurts the people. Makes them poorer.” 

The video ends with a call for a People’s Vote on whether Britain should remain in the EU or leave, based on the terms of May’s final exit agreement.

Check out the full clip here: