Brexit/Trump: When The Unexpected And The Unthinkable Happens

Brexit/Trump: When The Unexpected And The Unthinkable Happens
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Campaign on the water for Brexit... (Photo cr.: Getty Images/Niklas Hallen)

Who would have thought that the European Union would lose or, rather, that Great Britain people would do the unthinkable, the unexpected and, on the face of it, the unwise thing by voting to break away from the European Union, with all the disadvantages and the uncertainties that go along with it, as we hear the people who voted for Brexit begin to have second thoughts and their currency, the good old and reliable Pound Sterling on the way downward?

Our world today does not have strong beliefs in what the Ancients used to call "prophesies", when those who had the spiritual gift to foretell what will happen in the future would make what we call today "predictions" from our "experts" based on their "calculations".

Whether prophecies or predictions, who could have foretold, when the Brexit campaign began, that we would be where we are today, with Europe entering a never-before quandary that no one knows when and how it is going to end and what would happen to the European Union?

The Ballot that won: Brexit... (Photo cr.: Getty Images/John Macdougall)

In the same vein, before we go any further, anyone knows of any expert, in the entire constellation of political experts in America, regardless of party affiliation, who did or could have foretold, when the primaries began, that Donald Trump would vanquish all those Republican candidates who had "better" political resumes than he did?

After Brexit, the possibility of "President Donald Trump" shouldn't be dismissed (Photo cr.:

My fellow Americans, put on your political seat belts, we have entered uncharted electoral galaxy!

In our previous article on our other blog, when we urged our Democratic Party to back Bernie Sanders to represent our party or we run the risk of losing the presidency, we had observed and stated that these elections, in the United States, are non-conventional, unpredictable, and, on the political long-used road of stable political wisdom, illogical... Same thing with Brexit...

All this leads us to urge that we, Americans, consider, in spite of the intensity of the turbulences from both Republicans and Democrats, the possibility of the impossible, the possibility of the unthinkable, and the possibility of the unimaginable to happen: the presidency of Donald Trump... "Mr. President Donald Trump".

Indeed, as the British government, political pundits, economists and all the wise men and women of England did not consider the possibility of England out of the EU, and, yet, that is exactly what they are facing as per the voice of the majority, we, Americans, need to seriously contemplate the "what if" reality... What if the majority of Americans, in the end, elected Donald Trump president?

While not being an ancient prophet, we need to exercise ourselves in looking at the signs and then suggesting or considering the possibilities that this or that may happen...

Now, while American experts, mostly Democrats or Independents, but even some Republicans, could not and cannot imagine a Trump presidency, the probability of this possibility is, nonetheless, real, just as the Republican electorate cared less about all the reasons, scary ones, non-scary ones, real and unreal ones given to them by reasonable, experienced and wise presidential candidates and leaders of their own party, as to why NOT to let Trump represent the Grand Old Party for the presidency of the United State in November.

The British pundits and experts are engaged, now, in the exercise of going back to the campaign before the Brexit vote in order to try to find out "what did we miss"... I hope that we, Americans, can seriously, before November, delve in the "deep" thought exercise so we can, at the very least, be prepared for the eventuality of the Trump Presidency... Ignoring the signs would not keep that which is to happen, from happening.

In French, there is an expression that is, so-to-say, very a propos... It goes, "Un homme averti en vaut deux". The translation in English is, usually, "Forewarned is forearmed", a really imperfect translation even though one gets the idea because, literally, the French expression says "One man forewarned is worth two men"... That's the sense of being forewarned, of being prepared, or, in our case here as we consider Brexit in juxtaposition to the presidential election in the US with the possibility of the Trump presidency, it is the sense of our realistically being prepared for the cold fact that, well, it could happen!

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