Brian Austin Green, It's Nice to See You Again

I've noticed a recurring theme in television these days: Brian Austin Green. Seriously. First I started noticing him in the background of photos featuring Megan Fox (rumor has it, they were dating, then engaged, but then they broke up, and now they are dating again ... and then I got distracted by a Kardashian sister and stopped caring). Then he was on that short-lived but cult-followed show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (ironically, one of the few short-lived and cult-followed shows I did not watch). He showed up in last weekend's season premiere of SNL in one of the digital shorts (as a pants-dropping Transformer, no less), which Ms. Fox hosted. You might not have noticed because everyone was talking about Jenny Slate's now infamous F-bomb and the lack of funny jokes (me? I'll laugh at just about anything, so I liked it. Except for that Megan Fox -- she really rubs me the wrong way). Now, my Google reader keeps alerting me to Brian Austin Green's upcoming appearance as some villain named Metallo on Smallville (another show with a cult fan base that I do not watch, nor care about, however I read an excessive amount of sci-fi themed TV blogs so I am well aware of the plight of Clark et. al.).

You know what? Good for you Brian Austin Green, because unless I've completely misread the situation (which is always a likely possibility), you're using your girlfriend/fiancée/poorly-
defined-regular-lady-visitor and her infamy to get yourself back into the spotlight. And while we're on the topic, I'd prefer to see you in the spotlight over her. I'll always hold a soft spot in my heart for David Silver, so you just ride that train to a long-overdue television comeback. Please just no guest appearances on the new 90210. That is all.