Brian Bagnall, Chicago-Area Man, Gives Away Most Of His Belongings In Response To Black Friday

One Chicago-area man was apparently so moved by videos of shoppers "acting totally crazy" in order to snatch up Black Friday deals this past week, he decided to give away nearly all of his belongings for free.

In a Saturday post on Craigslist, Brian Bagnall, of Franklin Park, Ill., wrote he "wanted to encourage some human kindness" by giving away the many items he won't be able to take with him due to a forthcoming move rather than selling them, which "just wouldn't be in the holiday spirit."

So, he opened up his home for four hours so that people could take what they wanted.

We had to get rid of a bunch of stuff and instead of just donating it to Salvation Army, all those places, they sell it, so we thought we would meet the people directly that need it," Bagnall, 32, explained to CBS Chicago.

"All that we ask is that if you take something, please pay it forward to someone else," the ad read, also noting that no pushing, running, shoving, yelling or "any other mean stuff" would be tolerated.

The ad generated a huge response -- about 200 people came to the home on Saturday, practically emptying the place out, according to NBC Chicago.

The only thing that remained? A bed Bagnall, the author of a book titled "The Happiness Bible," had asked those responding to the ad to leave behind so that he and his girlfriend would have somewhere to sleep in the days ahead prior to their move out of state, the Chicago Tribune reports.



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