Brian Cox's Scotch Pronunciation Guide For 'Esquire' (VIDEO)

Brian Cox, Scotch and a high-backed leather chair.

We feel very enthusiastic about Scotch. We also feel very enthusiastic about actor Brian Cox. When you put these two things together, as Esquire magazine did recently, our enthusiasm becomes nearly unbridled.

Brian Cox, Scotch, a high-backed leather chair and an aura of decidedly 1970s-style masculinity come together in Esquire's "The American Man's Scotch Pronunciation Guide." Female Scotch lovers like us: it is worth overlooking that specification to dive in here. The genius of this idea lies in the details: Cox is Scottish, his voice just sounds like Scotch tastes and his personality leads us to never, ever doubt his authority.

Of the nearly 50 videos of Cox tenderly sipping, considering and pronouncing the Scotches (this must have been so much fun to film), our absolute favorite is Lagavulin. The video notes that Lagavulin is Mr. Cox's favorite Scotch, which he demonstrates with a lovable flourish.

We can't recommend enough that you go to to check out the rest of the pronunciation guide. If not for entertainment, for education -- we know how to pronounce Bunnahabhain now. Do you?

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