Fox News Host Gets Trapped Inside A DeLorean

Brian Kilmeade also bumped his head on the gull-wing door.

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade might be wishing he could go back in time after he got trapped inside a DeLorean while 80s rocker Huey Lewis looked on during a segment on "Back to the Future" on Wednesday. 

A clip posted online by Raw Story shows Kilmeade stuck in the car as Lewis tries to open the door to let him out during "Fox & Friends."

"We rehearsed this," said Lewis, who recorded two songs for the original "Back to the Future" film. 

When Kilmeade finally stepped out, he hit his head on the gull-wing door. 

"What year is it?" he asked, rubbing his head. "Really, what year is it?"

Kilmeade also wanted to know what the others thought of his Marty McFly outfit.

"Do I look as sexy as I feel?" he asked Lewis.

"Uhh... no," Lewis replied. 

Check it out in the clip above. 


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