Brian Kilmeade Walks Off Set After Asking Model Karolina Kurkova About Her 'Missing' Belly Button (VIDEO)

Well, this was awkward.

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade botched an interview with model Karolina Kurkova on Tuesday after he asked her if she had a belly button. The Victoria's Secret model's belly button made headlines back in 2008 when reports surfaced that she an operation when she was an infant that left her with a more mild indentation on her stomach.

Kilmeade was reading off production notes that said Kurkova was famous for not having a belly button and asked her to weigh in on the topic. Co-host Gretchen Carlson's head sank into her hand as Steve Doocy questioned what Kilmeade was talking about. "I do have a belly button," Kurkova protested. "I'm not missing anything, I'm perfectly healthy."

When the hosts returned from commercial break, they were unable to control their laughter over Kilmeade's faux pas. "I'm laughing still about what Brian asked one of our guests," Carlson said. "It's a live show! You can't reel it back in!" Carlson and Doocy giggled through the top headlines of the hour.

As Kilmeade started to say the program's signature intro line, "'Fox & Friends' starts now," he broke down in laughter and walked off set. "I'm out of here," he laughed.

It seems as though a producer might have put some joking words in the teleprompter to set Kilmeade off. "It says 'The Belly Button edition starts now,'" Carlson laughed, pointing to the prompter.

Kilmeade is not the first "Fox & Friends" host to walk off set. Carlson walked off set last year after Kilmeade made a sexist joke.

Watch the clip of the interview above and Kilmeade walk off set in the video below via Johnny Dollar.



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