Brian Kilmeade: Why Can't We Use Racial Profiling? (VIDEO)

On Monday's "Fox & Friends," co-host Brian Kilmeade wondered why authorities do not racially profile when investigating links to terrorism.

During an interview with Concerned Veterans For America CEO Pete Hegseth, Kilmeade said, "I remember one time we had a Pakistani professor on. And he was saying that he never gets upset when he is profiled because he wants to get on a plane and get [off] that plane when it lands as well. He wants to make sure there are no terrorists on board and he knows that Islamic extremists are mostly coming from the Middle East." He asked, "Why can't we go through that model in order to narrow down who the perpetrators might be?"

"Well we should be" Hegseth said. He later added, "This isn't about discrimination; this isn't about targeting people unfairly. This is about 'A + B = C' in so many scenarios that you're just not doing good law enforcement if you're not narrowing down the scope of who you're looking at in these particular scenarios."

At another point in Monday's show, Kilmeade also suggested "putting listening devices" in a mosque.

Both bombing suspects were not Middle Eastern, a fact the public has known since early Friday morning. They were ethnic Chechens who lived their early years in Kyrgyzstan and emigrated to the United States about 10 years ago. Also, a Boston imam told the Boston Globe that Tamerlan might have been considered too radical for local mosques, as he was disruptive and was shouted out of a service at one point.



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