Fox Host Brian Kilmeade Has Ridiculous Defense For Trump's White House Speech

The "Fox & Friends" co-host reasoned that if Joe Biden can do a speech from his house, why can't the president? Except Biden didn't do his speech from his home.

Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade attempted to justify President Donald Trump’s decision to accept the Republican presidential nomination at the White House by ignoring basic facts.

Although critics slammed the president’s use of the White House as a prop for the Republican National Convention as unethical and illegal, the “Fox & Friends” co-host had a different take on Friday ― a really foolish one.

Kilmeade claimed Trump had the right to make a political speech at the White House for reasons of comfort, and justified it by making a false claim about Joe Biden’s Democratic National Convention acceptance speech.

Kilmeade’s defense is wrong for a few reasons, the most obvious that Biden gave his speech at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware ― not his home.

Another key fact: Trump may currently live at the White House, but he doesn’t own it. It’s the federal government’s.

Many people on Twitter tried to school Kilmeade on this important distinction.



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