GOP Candidate Loses Party's Support After Telling Woman 'You Should F**k Me'

He was a former contestant on President Donald Trump's "The Apprentice."

A Republican running for a seat in the New Jersey General Assembly has lost GOP support after a video surfaced of him hitting on a woman, according to Politico.

Brian McDowell, a former contestant on NBC’s “The Apprentice” who just filed a petition to run for office last month, was caught on tape asking a woman to sleep with him, slurring his words as he spoke.

“Let me tell you right now. You should fuck me. It would really be good,” McDowell says in the video. “Listen, you never know.”

The footage prompted Cape May County Republicans to pull their support of his campaign, Politico reported. McDowell told the outlet he won’t end his campaign because of the video.

“There are human errors and even Jesus dropped the cross three times,” McDowell said. “I’m not running to be the pope. I’m running to make New Jersey more affordable.”

“There are human errors, and even Jesus dropped the cross three times. I’m not running to be the pope.”

- GOP candidate Brian McDowell

President Donald Trump has shown that you can make questionable comments and still get elected to office. Many thought Trump’s campaign suffered a setback in October 2016, when a tape leaked of him claiming he could grab women “by the pussy.” Trump issued an apology, and many Republicans denounced his remarks.

But Trump went on to win the presidential election, thanks in part to the support of 53 percent of white women voters.

While volunteering for Trump’s campaign, McDowell told a local NBC affiliate he thought of Trump’s reality show, which he competed on in 2005, “as a fraternity.”

“A lot of my friends say, you know, ‘How could you actually support Donald Trump after being fired on the Apprentice?’” McDowell said. “I’m all about being involved in a campaign where I feel it matters. And I think that this campaign with Donald Trump matters. I look at Donald Trump and I compare him to Dwight Eisenhower. I compare him to Roosevelt. I compare him to people who built this country.”

Read more on McDowell at Politico.

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