Brian McKnight Announces ‘Adult Mixtape' And Previews ‘If You're Ready To Learn' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Brian McKnight Reveals His Sexual Side On New Song

Known for belting out smooth chart-topping hits, R&B singer Brian McKnight has decided to take on a more mature topic for his latest project.

The platinum-selling crooner recently previewed his new track, “If You’re Ready To Learn,” via YouTube on Monday and has a spawned a backlash from fans due to the song’s sexually explicit lyrics. During the three minute clip McKnight revealed that the song is slated to appear on his forthcoming as-yet-untitled “Adult Mixtape,” which originated from an idea on Twitter.

“I asked everyone on my timeline, ‘if I had this idea, what subject would you want me to tackle’ and there were some varied responses because most people only want to hear me do one kind of song,” he explained. “But there’s lots of conversations that I’ve had with men, lots of conversations that I had with women just about other sexual type things that I like to tackle. So I’m in the middle of writing a song and I wanted to give you a preview of what that song is.”

In spite of McKnight's attempt of instructing how a woman “works,” the singer took to his Twitter account this morning to respond to critics and announce that a clean version is in the works;

WATCH [Warning: video contains explicit language.]:

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