Brian Oldham, 19-Year-Old Photographer, Creates Dream-Like Portraits (PHOTOS)

LOOK: 19-Year-Old's Dream-Like Portraits

Looking at Brian Oldham's photographs is like entering the landscape of a dream. The 19-year-old photographer has created his signature otherworldly, surrealist style by placing his subjects in unexpected and unfamiliar situations -- falling from the sky, being dragged up from the sea by a fish hook, or climbing a ladder to nowhere.

The California teen's visually striking images have caught the eye of online arts publications such as My Modern Met, which has run two features on his work, and Escape Into Life.

Oldham shared 10 of his favorite pieces with the Huffington Post. Click through the slideshow below to view the beautiful images and check out Oldham's Flickr page for more of his work.

Which photo is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below or tweet your own artwork to @HuffPostTeen.

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Photography by Brian Oldham

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