Brian Reynolds Run Over By Own Truck, Gets Ticket

This guy just can't catch a brake.

A Lynn, Mass. man was issued a traffic citation on Monday after being run over by his own pickup truck.

Police found Brian Reynolds, 40, lying injured and face-down in the road Monday afternoon, reports, after receiving reports of a car accident.

Reynolds told the officers that, just as he was driving down a small hill in his 1987 Chevy, the brakes failed.

He stuck his leg out the door in an attempt to stop the vehicle with his foot, according to Salem Patch, and when that failed, he attempted to run off the road and up an embankment.

Reynolds fell out of the truck and it rolled over his left leg before barreling down the street and into a fire hydrant.

In addition to a possible leg injury and a case of road rash, Reynolds received a $35 citation for operating defective equipment.

According to the Salem police log, the Department of Public Welfare was called to repair the broken hydrant.



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