ABC News Reporter Brian Ross Hit Someone With His Car

ABC News reporter Brian Ross hit a pedestrian with his car over the weekend.

The New York Post reported Tuesday that Ross was making a left turn near the ABC News studios on the Upper West Side when he hit 52-year-old Roman Dati with his car. Dati had a broken arm and other minor injuries, according to the newspaper.

It appeared that Dati had been jaywalking, as police said Ross had the right of way, and no charges were filed. The reporter took Dati into WABC and waited with him until an ambulance arrived. The two men seemed to have differing views of the incident. Dati told the newspaper that he saw Ross coming. Meanwhile, ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider said that Dati stepped into Ross' path "out of nowhere."

Dati is far from alone in his ordeal; one 2012 study found that 7,371 pedestrians and cyclists were hit by cars in New York during a six-month period.

Ross has been with ABC News since 1994. He serves as the network's chief investigative correspondent.

Read the Post's full report here.