Brian Schweitzer: Montana GOP Bills Make State Party Look 'Bat-Crap Crazy'

Democratic Gov: Montana GOP Bills Make State Party Look 'Bat-Crap Crazy'

Brian Schweitzer, Democratic Governor of Montana, took some shots at his state's Republican lawmakers Wednesday, telling Fox News in an interview that some of their legislative proposals made them look "bat-crap crazy."

"Some of these legislators, they draft bills just to get an effect from the people," Schweitzer told Fox News. "And unfortunately, it kind of makes some of them look bat-crap crazy."

Schweitzer continued, picking a few examples of bills that he found particularly worthy of his mammalian colloquialism.

"We're talking about seceding from the union, or getting people who are getting a divorce to go through six more weeks of counseling before they can get a divorce, creating an 11-person Montana commission that can effectively veto any federal law. These are all bills that have been proposed in the Montana Legislature," he said.

"Those are just silly bills," Schweitzer continued. "And I would ask the Montana Legislature, just kind of park that stuff. Let's get back to work making sure we're doing the things that matter. That's good leadership. Hunting with a silencer? Hunting with a spear? That's silly leadership."

Montana Republicans have also proposed legislation designed to create an armed paramilitary militia force and to codify global warming denial in the state, as well as a birther bill. All three measures have failed. No word from the governor on how, if at all, he thinks those might affect the image of the Treasure State's Republican lawmakers.

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