CNN's Brian Stelter Reports Live From Mom's Living Room On Christmas

Brian Stelter isn't going to let a little thing like Christmas stand in his way of reporting the news.

Following a segment on the release of Sony's "The Interview" Thursday, CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield wouldn't let Stelter sign off before calling the "Reliable Sources" host out for joining remotely from a little town called Damascus, Maryland.

"You're such a serious, smart journalist, but I cannot let you go before pointing out the fact that you're doing your live shot from your mom's house," Banfield said. "Your mom's house!"

Of course Stelter's mom, Donna, had to poke her head in the shot and say hello. She also proudly noted that Stelter was wearing a sweater she bought him for Christmas.

“Ah, adorable,” Banfield said. “I love Christmas.”