CNN's Brian Stelter Roasts Fox For Focusing On Ocasio-Cortez's Shoes More Than Climate Report

The report, which came out on Black Friday, predicts increased global temperatures will have a devastating impact on the U.S.

CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday criticized Fox News for not dedicating enough time to the gloomy new climate change report the Trump administration released.

“The biggest story of the weekend — well, everywhere except the pro-Trump media ― it’s that big climate change report with dire new warnings released by the Trump administration on Friday,” Stelter said on his show “Reliable Sources.”

“It’s been a big story on cable news, except for Fox News,” he added.

Stelter estimated Fox devoted a whopping 30 seconds to the report on Friday, and pointed out that “the network actually spent more time talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s shoes.” The shoes Ocasio-Cortez, the newly elected Democratic representative of New York’s 14th Congressional District, wore during her campaign are being featured in a Cornell University exhibit called “Women Empowered: Fashions From The Frontlines.”

The report, meanwhile, predicts the United States will warm at least 3 degrees by 2100, potentially causing tens of thousands of people to die each year. Many people criticized the administration for releasing the report on the day after Thanksgiving, saying it intended to bury what could (literally) be earth-shattering news.

“It seemed to be an example of a holiday news dump: sending out this report on a Friday afternoon, when folks are shopping and spending time with family,” Stelter said. “Even though the report was supposed to come out in December, it was moved up to Thanksgiving weekend. It seemed like some funny business was going on.”

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