CNN's Brian Stelter Slams Donald Trump For Being A 'Fox News Presidency'

"He's in this feedback loop with one particular outlet."

CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter accused the White House of being the “Fox News presidency” on Saturday, despite President Donald Trump’s recent attempt to blame the network for unsubstantiated claims that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the election.

Appearing on “Newsroom with Fredricka Whitfield,” the media critic said there’s only one news source that Trump has committed his loyalty to and that’s the Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News.

Whitfield noted that while the network has tried to distance itself from the wiretapping claim made by its analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, she found the shift of blame interesting given Fox News and Trump’s “rather cozy relationship.”

Stelter said, “What this ultimately comes down to is that President Trump is in some ways a Fox News presidency.”

“He watches Fox a lot. He tweets about Fox. He gives most of his interviews to Fox. He hires former Fox staffers. He peddles information from Fox.”

“So he’s in this feedback loop with one particular outlet and he’s especially getting information from the opinion programs on the network which clearly skew to the right ― they skew conservative.”

Three of the last five news stories Trump has tweeted about in the past week were from Fox News. The others were from the New York Times ― a newspaper he insists is “fake news” ― and Breitbart, a pro-Trump site with white nationalist sympathies.

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