Brian Strayhorne Stabbed A Man For Walking In Front Of Camera, Cops Say

Next time you feel the urge to plank in the background of someone else's photo, you may want to think twice, as the case of one South Carolinian makes clear.

Brian Strayhorne, 29, allegedly stabbed a man for doing just that -- walking in front of his camera as he tried to take a photo on Myrtle Beach's Ocean Boulevard. After the victim, whose name has not yet been released, transgressed Strayhorne's photo-taking radius early Sunday morning, an argument reportedly ensued that resulting in the alleged stabbing.

After the incident, Strayhorne and his companions fled, but were apprehended at a nearby motel, WPDE News reports.

The victim was taken to the Grand Strand Regional Medical Center and treated for his injuries.

Strayhorne is currently being held without bail on charges of assault and aggravated battery.