Brian Williams: 'I Have Profound Disappointments In My Country' (AUDIO)

Brian Williams told Alec Baldwin in a recent interview that he has "profound disappointments" in America.

Williams appeared on Baldwin's "Here's The Thing" podcast. His interview was released Monday. In it, Williams told Baldwin he had been "cleansed" of most of his politics over his years in journalism.

"Do you have political opinions?" Baldwin asked.

"I sometimes don't know," Williams said. "I have the same disappointments. In my patriotism, as a great man once said, I yield to no one. I love this country. I love the American idea. I have profound disappointments in my country. I feel we ought to be in space ... it meant so much to us ... it moved us along."

He added that he thought people had become too self-absorbed in recent years.

"You take a citizen who works in a restaurant, they now have the preoccupation of followers," he said. "There is now someone who cares, and this applies to all of us, about our random thoughts, utterances. And that is a growth of self that we haven't catalogued yet. We haven't gotten our arms around it."



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