Brian Williams Tells Viewers To DVR 'NBC Nightly News'

Brian Williams is telling viewers to DVR the "NBC Nightly News" in a new commercial, the New York Times reports.

One of the reasons ratings for the nightly news programs have slipped is that many people just aren't around to watch them live anymore. Williams told the Times in an email that he "just thought it was high time to acknowledge, in our 'Nightly News' promos, the way we live."

The Times reports that, out of the roughly eight million people who watch "Nightly News," about 370,000 time-shift the program.

"Loyal viewers used to say 'we watch you every night.' These days, an increasing number make a point of saying 'We RECORD you every night," Williams told the paper.

The ad has run during episodes of "Saturday Night Live," among other places.