Brian Williams Fire Alarm Accident: Sirens Sound During 'NBC Nightly News' Broadcast (VIDEO)

Brian Williams is a class act.

Just moments after "NBC Nightly News" went live tonight, Williams found himself with a little bit of a problem. It seems 30 Rock (where the show is filmed) experienced a faulty fire alarm just as the broadcast got underway.

But Williams didn't flinch, even for a second. The anchor simply finished his statement, alerted viewers to the situation, and kept talking.

The network tweeted about the unfortunate (and ultimately amusing) incident.

NBC Nightly News What timing... Fire alarm here at 30 Rock goes off at the exact same time we go on air. All is fine in the building & the show goes on. #NN

It seems everything was okay in the building, but according to Poynter, the alarms kept coming back after every commercial break. Nonetheless, Williams kept his cool, reassured viewers everything was okay, and continued with the broadcast.

Twitter was quickly abuzz with news of the incident, sending "Brian Williams" and "NBC Nightly News" to the top of Twitter's trends.

Hat Tip to Poynter for the quick pick-up.