Brian Williams Brings Some Sass To Coverage Of Iowa Caucuses

He said one Iowan appeared to be wearing a cape while he caucused, "so maybe that gives him strength."

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams brought some on-air shade to coverage of Monday night's Iowa caucuses.

As MSNBC switched from declaring that Iowa was too soon to call to saying that races were too close to call, Williams warned that "it was going to be back and forth all night."

Williams also took a shot at the over-saturation of reporters covering the caucuses, saying at one point that there was a "ridiculous number of media, almost one-to-one ratio with caucus-goers."

A few moments were just strange for Williams, who lost his NBC job hosting the network's nightly newscast after it was revealed he had exaggerated an incident while reporting in Iraq. While explaining unreliable entry polling, Williams said the data was like the "fog of war."

Williams stepped in to correct co-host Rachel Maddow during a segment at one caucus site about supporters of former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, who will suspend his campaign for the Democratic nomination after failing to earn enough support. When Maddow said the supporters were invisible, Williams quickly noted they were only invisible in the television shot, not in real life.

The smartly-dressed Williams also skewered an Iowa caucus-goer, who was holding out for O'Malley while wearing an Iowa state flag wrapped around his shoulders.

"One of them is wearing a cape, so maybe that gives him strength," Williams said.

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