Brian Williams To Jon Stewart: I've Been, 'In A Way, On Both Sides Of The War On Terrorism' (VIDEO)

Brian Williams joined Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" Tuesday night and discussed, among other things, the Department of Justice secretly monitoring news organizations including the Associated Press and Fox News.

"Do you think [the Justice Department is] reading your emails? Because I have emailed you and said truly filthy things," Stewart said.

"You know leaks are actually a big part of ... our democracy. Leaks are how we have learned about a lot of stories, especially in the last 10 years -- this so-called war on terrorism," Williams said. "I think we will find our way. The attorney general is in a rough spot over this and to a lesser extent, the president."

Stewart asked Williams about the off-the-record meeting the Department of Justice held with some news organizations, including NBC News. "I'll only say this," Williams said. "It's been unusual to be, in a way, on both sides of the war on terrorism. I have seen the end effect of a drone. I have watched it carried out on a live television screen ... I have seen the target acquisition. It is a rare thing to witness and that's the other end of this."

"I've seen 'Homeland,'" Stewart quipped.



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