Brian Williams On "The Daily Show": Discusses Ahmadinejad, Threatens Stewart With Can Of Whoop-Ass

Brian Williams appeared on Thursday night's "The Daily Show" and joked with Jon Stewart right off the bat saying, "If there's a can of whoop-ass out here, I open it."

The interview continued in this tone even when discussing serious matters, like Williams' recent trip to Iran and interview of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


STEWART: In America, we have a rule: we don't talk to terrorists. I guess my question to you is, when did you turn your back on America?

WILLIAMS: Are we doing this? Is this happening? Are we doing this?

STEWART: Oh we're on, baby. Take out your can, cause I'm opening mine.

WILLIAMS: Oh, okay.

STEWART: Did you get anywhere with this guy? You sat down with Ahmadinejad!

WILLIAMS: I think, Jon — and I speak for the real news world...

Eventually they did have a somewhat substantive discussion that managed to remain lighthearted throughout, though the topics ranged from Iranian weaponry, infrastructure, and politics to the military-industrial complex.