Brian Williams Ribs Brooklyn Hipsters In New Video (VIDEO)

WATCH: Brian Williams Mocks Brooklyn Hipsters Again

Brian Williams is keeping up his ribbing of Brooklyn hipsters in a new video that's airing in New York taxis.

The "NBC Nightly News" host made waves back in December when he mocked the New York Times for its constant articles about the newfound joys of Brooklyn. In the taxi video, he takes another aim at the newest breed of Brooklynite--the hipster:

"You're in luck. You happen to be here in New York... when the hipsters are out. If you want to blend in a little more thoroughly, get yourself a nice thick ironic glass frame. Go to one of those Marrakesh-like outdoor artisanal markets. Brooklyn's a festival this time of year. They're openly making handmade grilled cheese sandwiches, all kinds of leather goods, tin, silver, it's like a walk back in time!"

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