Brian Williams Reportedly Angry With NBC Over 'Rock Center' Changes

Brian Williams Reportedly Angry With NBC

Brian Williams was reportedly angry with NBC over changes to "Rock Center," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

THR recently released a piece about NBC's woes after a month in which the network went from first place to fourth. Marisa Guthrie noted the network's various programming struggles and said that the ratings for "Rock Center" — which was recently moved to Friday nights — looked good compared to its replacement on Thursday "Do No Harm."

"But NBC brass might have upset Williams with the move," Guthrie continued. "He closed Rock Center on Feb. 8 with a segment characterizing Friday as its 'latest resting place.' Sources at NBC News say Williams was angered that Burbank execs did not give the show the promised promotion, while plans to expand it to multiple weekly airings have been abandoned."

Williams' show has been moved three times since debuting in November 2011: from Monday night to Wednesday night, to Thursday night, to Friday night. The latest change does not bode well for the program.

"Rock Center" debuted in its new 10 p.m. time slot on Friday, February 8 and drew 5.3 million viewers — some of its best numbers in months. Williams addressed the re-shuffling in a segment that depicted "Rock Center" as a nomadic settler in the West "not wanted" on Wednesdays and displaced by "American Idol" and "Modern Family."

UPDATE: Alexandra Wallace, the executive producer for "Rock Center," issued a statement to The Huffington Post about the show:

“Brian’s take on our new time slot was truly funny and the furthest thing from 'angry.' He made light of our travels through the schedule -- and we are all thrilled by Rock Center’s strong ratings after our Friday night debut. We look forward to settling down in our new home.”

This piece has been revised to make clear that NBC, rather than NBC News, makes final scheduling decisions for "Rock Center."

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