Brian Williams' SNL Diet: Doritos, Reese's And A Year-Old Coke

On Wednesday night "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams spoke with Conan O'Brien about his upcoming stint hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, including the hectic schedule involved in anchoring the news, hosting the Democratic debate in Philadelphia, and pulling all-nighters with the cast to write the show. Watch:

Conan also asked Williams what would happen in the event of a news emergency and posed a hypothetical: "You're doing the show, you're doing a sketch where you play Papa Smurf... [and] suddenly someone comes rushing in and says that they just captured Osama bin Laden and you have to rush on air as Papa Smurf? Could it happen? Would it?" Williams said that he thought there would be a "news outfit standing by" just in case, but did not seem too concerned: "Should there be an emergency, we will deal with it." Phew, the news is safe!

He then mocked Conan's Papa Smurf reference, saying "The 80s called, they wondered how you were." Williams is scheduled to host SNL tomorrow night; blue makeup TBA.