Brian Williams Tells Tom Brokaw Why Katrina "Still Gets To Me" (VIDEO)

Brian Williams Tells Tom Brokaw Why Katrina "Still Gets To Me" (VIDEO)
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In an interview with Tom Brokaw at Columbia Journalism School last Thursday for "The duPont Talks" web interview series, Brian Williams reflected on covering Hurricane Katrina in 2004 - reporting he and NBC News won a duPont silver baton for in 2007 - and how Twitter could have made a difference for the people of New Orleans.

"I'll bet you if this had happened in the Twitter era, we might have gotten some help faster," said Williams. "It makes me angry to watch it all over again. You and I have been in war zones, where we have watched a black hawk helicopter on the orders of a colonel drop pallets of water and MREs on a half hour's notice because some terrific sergeant major ordered it to happen. And the fact that these people didn't qualify somehow for our help just enraged me at the time. It still gets to me."

Watch more of the interview between Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw for "The duPont Talks" including Williams' thoughts on being an inadvertent rap star, and the duPont Award-winning story Brokaw wants to revisit.

Watch Brian Williams and NBC News Hurricane Katrina reporting from New Orleans in 2004. The duPont Awards honor the best broadcast, digital and documentary reporting.

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