Brian Williams On 'Today': Twitter Pressure And Whining Lead The Morning (VIDEO)

WATCH: Brian Williams Livens Up 'Today'

Don't adjust your sets! This is not a test! And so on and so forth. It's Brian Williams on the "Today" show!

The "Nightly News" host woke up before 1 PM for a change, filling in for Matt Lauer, who is on his "Where in the World" mystery assignment.

"I actually think Lauer is in the plaza, just having a good laugh," Williams said. He also lamented that the World Series was happening the night before, and here he was, having to go to bed early like an 8-year-old.

Co-host Ann Curry said the staff had predicted that Williams would kvetch his way through the morning, so she had a crew member bring out a gigantic cup of coffee to perk him up.

Later, Williams was pressured about why, in spite of having a Twitter feed, he has not sent a single tweet out to his tens of thousands of followers. "I haven't figured out what to say," he protested. Curry and Al Roker, both enthusiastic tweeters, found this a poor excuse.

He also shared an adorable moment with actress Gabourey Sidibe, even leaning in to give her a kiss on her cheek.

Williams last guest-hosted on "Today" in 2009.

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