Brian Williams To Former CIA Director Michael Hayden: What If Torture Was Used On Your Own Family?

Brian Williams To Former CIA Director: What If Torture Was Done To Your Own Family?

Brian Williams asked some tough questions of former CIA director Michael Hayden Tuesday night following the release of a 500-page summary detailing the CIA’s post-Sept. 11 torture program.

While discussing the revelations that the interrogation techniques used were far worse than the CIA had previously disclosed, the "Nightly News" anchor asked Hayden how he would feel if such methods were used on his own family.

"What if you, or God forbid, members of your family had to undergo some of the treatments we are reading about in this report?" Williams asked.

Hayden shot back that members of the CIA "have a soul and a conscience, too," and that they are well aware that their actions were inflicted upon other human beings: "So don't ever forget that," he stated.

“I actually think that my concern or my outrage, if that were ever done to any of my family members, would be somewhat muted if my family member had just killed 3,000 of my citizens," Hayden said.

Williams also asked the former CIA director if he thinks the United States is still "better than our enemies" given what the report revealed, to which Hayden responded:

"If everyone on the planet used [Central Intelligence] behavior as the model, the overall treatment of detainees on Earth would actually improve."

Watch the full interview (above) via NBC News.

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