Brian Wilson, Beard Make Debuts For Dodgers: Closer Offered $1 Million To Shave

The beard is officially back in the big leagues.

Brian Wilson made his season debut for the Los Angeles Dodgers, pitching a scoreless ninth inning in the team's 6-0 victory over Miami. Wilson, who is known for his eccentricity in both facial hair and personality, hadn't pitched in the majors since undergoing his second Tommy John surgery in April 2012, when he was a member of the San Francisco Giants.

However, one razor company is willing to pay up to see Wilson continue his comeback sans the scruff. Radar Online reported earlier this week that 800Razors has offered Wilson $1 million to shave off his trademark beard.

“His beard is iconic, we are in the quality razor industry and want to partner with other shaving icons to show how great our product is. If it can tackle shaving a beard like his, it can work wonders on the average man,” 800Razors co-founder Philip Masiello told USA Today Sports.



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