Brian Wilson Flashes Organ Skills, Fingernails By Tapping On Clay Hensley's Head At NLCS (VIDEO)

Despite sitting out this season after Tommy John surgery, Brian Wilson is still making his presence known to teammates and television crews alike.

Sporting painted fingernails and his trademark black beard, the injured San Francisco closer was seen playing along with the stadium organ on teammate Clay Hensley's head in the 8th inning of the Giants' 7-1 win over the Cardinals in Game 2 of the NLCS.

"He is just a walking reality show," remarked FOX announcer Joe Buck, before marveling at the "concentration on his fingering."

Hensley also seemed to enjoy the recital, giving Wilson a fist bump when he was done. Maybe Wilson has been taking piano lessons in his down time between physical therapy and riding a scooter through the streets of San Francisco in pajamas. As is the case with most of his extracurricular pursuits, Wilson definitely generated attention.