Florida Meth-Cooking Mom Busted By 7-Year-Old: Cops

Florida Meth-Cooking Mom Busted By 7-Year-Old: Cops

A Florida mom is in trouble after police say her 7-year-old son helped alert them to her meth-cooking habit.

Briana Buchanan, 26, was charged Friday with drug and child neglect charges, WPTV reports. The allegations started when her boyfriend's brother, Peter Arnold, says Buchanan’s son expressed a desire to show him “mommy’s bad stuff,” according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Peter, who was living with Buchanan and her boyfriend at their Edgewater home, told cops that the 7-year-old told him “There’s really bad stuff in my mom’s car that I want to show you,” according to My News 13.

When Peter looked in the trunk, he allegedly found various tools and ingredients used to manufacture meth.

Buchanan was arrested, and her son is now staying with his grandmother, according to WESH.

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