'Fox Is Not News': Brianna Keilar Lets Loose In CNN Morning Show Debut

The CNN anchor took Fox News to task for providing a "public disservice" with its misleading coverage and chyrons.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar hit the ground running at her new morning anchor gig Monday with a blistering assessment of how Fox News uses its on-screen graphics to spread misinformation.

“Fox in the era of President Joe Biden is a carousel of conspiracy theories and fearmongering. So really what I’m saying is not much has changed,” said Keilar, who previously anchored an afternoon slot on CNN, in her first appearance as co-anchor of “New Day.”

“But the chyrons, those headlines you see at the bottom of your screen? They are getting noticeably more creative.”

She accused the right-wing network of using those graphics to push disinformation about Biden being senile and adding question marks to the end of its untrue messages as a “fig leaf for a conspiracy theory.”

“Other Fox banners imply that Biden basically belongs in a home, and one of their main experts literally called in from his retirement home in Florida. Another is this guy, the infamous Fox doc they have on to give a, quote, ‘virtual medical examination,’ then reaching the evidence-free conclusion Biden is off his rocker, pushes the conspiracy theory he is a puppet of a deep state.”

She also called out the network’s “public disservice” throughout the pandemic and its culture war grievances. The network has fomented vaccine hesitancy, cast doubt on public health officials and misled its viewers on scientific facts, all while devoting hours of airtime to non-issues like the fake “cancellation” of Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head.

Watch Keilar’s segment below.

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