CNN Anchor Explains Why It's Important To Call Out Conspiracy Theorists

Brianna Keilar does not have time for your false claims.

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar feels responsible for calling out people who try to push conspiracy theories while she’s interviewing them on air, she told Esquire in an interview published Thursday. 

“Pressing anyone you interview is important when they’re talking about things that aren’t true,” she said. “If someone is on your air, and they’re saying something that is factually incorrect, then it’s on you to point that out.”

Keilar recently pushed back against Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) when he brought up Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s “coughing attacks” as a major health issue.

“I have been there for those. Who doesn’t occasionally cough?” Keilar said. “It sounds like you are trafficking in conspiracy theories as well.”

Keilar also recently shut down Michael Cohen, an adviser to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, by explaining that all polls show the candidate trailing behind Clinton. She told Esquire she was “surprised” that a Trump adviser had raised a question making the Republican candidate look bad.



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