Brianna Keilar Rips Republicans With A 'Wizard Of Oz’ Comparison

The CNN anchor said that like the lion "they are mistaken about how courage works."

CNN’s Brianna Keilar on Thursday drew on “The Wizard of Oz” to call out Republican cowardice when it comes to ex-President Donald Trump.

The “Newsroom” anchor likened those Republicans who continue to court Trump to the cowardly lion from the story who shivers “around every corner, afraid of the great and powerful force that awaits them.”

After airing a montage of Republicans trashing Trump before the 2016 election and then praising him after, Keilar said that just “like the lion, they are mistaken about how courage works.”

“Courage is theirs if they want it,” she added. “They just can’t bring themselves to summon it.”

Watch the video here: