Bridal Disco Is the Next Big Thing

There is no maximum amount of fun you can have when you attend a bridal disco. We had no idea what to expect last week, but the Bridal Disco at the Zoo venue was a hoot. (#ThisMuchDisco on Twitter) We were able to saunter down to the Zoo, about 10:50 P.M., with me wearing a wedding gown, and veil. We were met on the steps of the Zoo by a man with a charming smile, who was also wearing a wedding dress. My fellow bride grabbed my hand and exclaimed "You've made my day!" It's not often that my presence engenders instant affection. (I live with a teenager.)

This darling man/bride led me down the hall to the disco and announced to everyone "This is Sandy, and she just made my day by showing up here!" Within minutes the Weather Girls song "It's Raining Men" came on, and you can't not dance to that song. Lots of good dance tunes followed and then the whole room sang along to Journey's Don't Stop Believing. It was like being in a British episode of Glee. There were lots of other brides there, both men and women, and we wished we could have stayed longer, but I did have a show to do the next day, so we left before anything turned into a pumpkin. We were welcomed in and given glitter, hugs and smiles. It was the kind of evening that you remember long after the Fringe has ended.

The show went great today and we had our biggest audience yet. Fringe Central offered a class called Social Media 101, and we zipped over to attend that as soon as my show ended. There was a man in that class that has over 80,000 Twitter followers. I truly have no idea why he was taking a class on social media, unless he just showed up to brag. The Fringe is all about the tweet and I've only been on Twitter for a couple of weeks. Mabel set up my account, but didn't teach me how to use it. I learned a little today about how to tweet, retweet, favorite and follow. (Feel free to follow me, I'm @macaroni_hotdog.) You would be in a fairly exclusive club, since my followers number in the low 20s at the moment.

Curry in a Hurry was on our agenda for lunch, and we were able to fit in a nice walk to the French café on West Bow (by the castle) for supper. Carrot and fennel soup and an amazing veggie sandwich on toasted bread, was a perfect meal for a rainy Scottish evening.

We were lucky tonight, to get comp tickets for an Improv show called Funny Side Up, at the Space on the Mile. The show was nearly sold out, but we lucked out and got the last two. We are allowed comp tickets for other Space shows, as long as they're not sold out. Funny Side Up was hilarious. Vita Fox led an able cast into telling a fantasy story entitled Four Camels for Christmas. Since every show is improvised, you could go every night and not see the same show twice, it's always new. There was a reviewer in the audience, who was in the queue with us, and once the reviews come out, I think tickets will be impossible to get. They are very funny.

After tomorrows show, we have a day off. We have no formal plan for Sunday, but we were invited to stop by the Lutton Place bowling club, and that is a definite possibility.