Bachelorette Party Prank Paralyzes Bride-To-Be, Rachelle Friedman (VIDEO)

A former bride-to-be is now paralyzed and has put off plans to marry after a bachelorette party prank went terribly wrong.

Rachelle Friedman was paralyzed from the chest down after her best friend and bridesmaid pushed her into the shallow end of a pool. Friedman, 25, snapped her neck and floated to the surface.

While Friedman and her fiance, Chris Chapman, remain a couple, health insurance has kept the pair from tying the knot. Friedman's health insurance is limited and she must rely on medicaid to cover the cost of her care. Marrying Chapman would mean that their combined income would disqualify her from receiving government help.

The former aerobics and dance instructor told ABC that she always worried about an incident like this:

"I was always kind of scared something was going to mess up my perfect world," she said. "It was literally perfect but it completely changed and that can happen to anyone."

"But I've learned that even if things do change you can still make your world perfect," she said. "It's just extremely different, we do everything differently now."

Friedman and Chapman expect to marry someday.