Bridal Party's Doughnut Bouquets Are A Delicious Idea

Something borrowed, something ... glazed?

There was more flour than flower in these unusually sweet wedding bouquets.

Paige Kirk in Sydney, Australia, caught our attention with her new style of wedding bouquet. An Australian pastry shop, Dessert Boxes, posted a clip of Kirk surprising her bridesmaids with doughnut bouquets, and it’s something out of a dream.

“OK, guys, I have a bit of a surprise for you,” Kirk tells her bridesmaids as they pose for photos with flower bouquets. “We’re not walking down with these, we’re walking down with doughnuts!”

Kirk told the BBC that she and her fiancé, Steven, were looking for a way to bring their personalities into the wedding ceremony.

“We wanted the wedding to be a bit different and really reflect who we are as a couple,” the bride told BBC, saying it would be “different, fun and lighthearted.”

Paige Kirk, you’re an icon.

Doughnut bouquets are nothing new, and they make a sweet gift. But it’s rare to see them used for something as formal as a wedding. But don’t be surprised if copycat bouquets start popping up now.

It seemed a little cruel, though, that the bridesmaids weren’t allowed to eat their bouquets afterward. Apparently the ladies had been eating all day, so it wasn’t a torture.

“We had plenty of goodies beforehand, so we were too full too eat them,” Kirk told the BBC.

Honestly, we could make room for a dessert that beautiful.

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