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30 Brides Who Will Make You Rethink That Whole White Dress Thing

Why say 'yes' to the white dress when there are so many other colors of the rainbow? 👰

These gorgeous brides bucked tradition by wearing color on the big day -- and why the hell not? It's your wedding; you might as well play by your own rules.

If you aren't convinced, see the 30 brides below for inspiration.


Finally! I get to blog this legendary Scottish wedding tomorrow ! 🎉❤️⚡️

A photo posted by DAN O'DAY (@danmakepicture) on


Brooke & Tavis ❤️

A photo posted by Samm Blake (@sammblake) on


Thinking about blogging the insane wedding of these two lovely ladies tonight (or tomorrow) 👰🏻👰🏼

A photo posted by DAN O'DAY (@danmakepicture) on

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