Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts That Aren't Cheesy

These are bridesmaid gifts they'll actually use after your wedding

If you just got engaged, chances are you’ve already fled to Pinterest looking for color palettes, bouquet ideas, and more. However, one of your first major wedding duties is picking your bridal party.

You probably already know who your bridesmaids are (they probably do too), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make asking them any less special! The bridesmaid proposal gift should be something fun, special, and that they’ll actually use after your wedding is over.

If you’re trying to avoid a cheesy bridesmaid gift, you probably want to steer clear of anything with your wedding date on it. Because well, let’s face it — you and your partner are really the only people who need to remember that date after the wedding. And unless you feel strongly about them, you can probably cross off any gifts that say “Bride Tribe” or “Squad” which will ultimately become kind of useless after the fun is over.

So you don’t have to worry if that fluorescent “Be My Bridesmaid” fanny pack is a suitable choice or not. We’ve rounded up 10 bridesmaid proposal gifts that aren’t cheesy and can actually be used after the wedding.

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Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts That Aren't Cheesy