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7 Bridal Parties Who Totally Nailed The 'Mismatched Dresses' Trend

7 Bridal Parties Who Totally Nailed The 'Mismatched Dresses' Trend

It’s the trend that’s dominating Pinterest wedding boards everywhere: “mismatched” bridesmaid dresses. They’re a creative departure from the more traditional, matchy-matchy color schemes we see at weddings, and a welcome opportunity for your girls to pick a cut and color that works for them.

We’ve partnered with Nordstrom Weddings to round up “mismatched” bridal parties who get an A-plus for execution. Check out their beautiful wedding day looks below.

Image: Emily Harris Photography
Take notes: this is textbook stuff! This bridal party’s look works because they established a base tone for their floor-length gowns. Bride Michal Wrotslavsky gave her bridesmaids champagne color swatches and asked them to find dresses in the same color family.

Image: Andrew Mark Photography
A simple way to execute this trend is by focusing on one color and giving the bridesmaids free rein to choose a cut and fabric that works for them. This bold blue pops and the party looks coordinated despite the range of styles. Bonus: we love that the colored bouquets play opposite to the dresses!


Image: We Heart Photography
These dresses certainly run a range of colors, but the dusty pastel color scheme that ties them together makes for an elegant, sweetly feminine bridal party. Plus, these dresses look like they’d be easy to dance in and ripe for re-wearing.

Image: Eric Kelley Photography
Gorgeous scheme for a fall wedding -- we’re thinking wine country? This party proves that establishing a few tones and specifying dress length can make it easy for a wide variety of dresses to come together in harmony.

Image: Erich McVey Photography
We seriously adore this bridal party’s '20s-inspired look. Metallic beading and glitter seem like the perfect way to diversify a bridal party dressed in a single color. Bride Samantha Rosen says she knew she wanted an "neutral, embellished" look for her bridesmaids from day one, picking most of the dresses before her own.

This group goes for minidresses ranging in color from cream to mocha, making for a summery, earthy bridal party.

Image: Briana Purser Photography
This retro-inspired bridal party took the “mismatched” trend in another direction, opting for the same cut in glam '60s brights. Bride Cara Tolentino had four colors in mind and assigned them based on what would flatter her bridesmaids' skin tones. The coordinated shoes and pearls are the adorable cherry on top.


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