10 Problems Only Bridesmaids Will Understand

By Kellee Khalil for

Being asked to stand up with your best pal on her wedding day is certainly an honor -- but there are some downsides to being asked to be a bridesmaid.

Here are 10 problems every bridesmaid will understand.

1. The loss of all of your disposable income.

2. Passive-aggressive emails from other bridesmaids.

3. "I think you should wear short dresses. Actually long ones. No, wear whatever you want. I can't make another decision!"

4. Having to wear a dress that makes your [butt look square/boobs look squished/arms look huge/legs look stumpy].

5. “This freaking DIY project is going to END ME.”

6. Having to talk to the mother of the bride about the "fireman" stripper and, um, paraphernalia.

7. Giving a toast (that's funny, meaningful, and doesn't include mention of that time in Cabo) when you're terrified of public speaking.

8. Trying to take care of your fellow bridesmaid who had way too much to drink.

9. The bride's future brother-in-law giving you that gross "I-wanna-sex-you" look all night.

10. Not being able to sit with your date during the reception.

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