Bridezilla Stories From Former Brides

Let's face it: wedding-related stress can bring out the worst in any bride. Even women who normally pride themselves on their down-to-earth, cool-as-a-cucumber behavior have been known to go off the rails when things don't go according to plan.

We asked our brave (and honest!) readers to confess their biggest bridezilla sins. From a pain-in-the-butt bridesmaid to a tardy groom-to-be, it's clear what pushed these women over the edge. Scroll down for five real-life stories of brides behaving badly.

"My future husband leaves me at the beauty shop the day before the ceremony and ends up being late to come and get me. So after 2 1/2 hours at the salon, 20 minutes standing outside completely ruined my hair and I was LIVID. I was so furious I threw the rental car into park in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and got out and walked about 1/2 a block before I got back into the car." - Jehan

"My fiancé's friend got engaged a couple of months after he and I did. She started her planning and decided on a date a month before ours, which initially wasn't a big deal. Then she decided to use the same flower girl and ring bearer as we were. I was worried it would look like we were copying her on everything since her wedding was first. As it turned out, she got knocked up and opted for a courthouse wedding before the baby arrived. It all worked out for the best :-)" - Ami, 26, of Illinois

"All my anger was piling up from several actions that led me to threaten my fiancé's sister with a punch to the face. She picked out a different bridesmaid dress from the one I originally liked and purchased it. Then she wanted to teach me how to 'dance.' But I already know how to dance -- I just don't dance like a stripper. Then she wanted to choreograph a dance for us, even though she is not a professional dancer. Then she texted me about how she thought gold or white shoes would look better with a plum dress than the black shoes I had asked everyone to wear (gold and white are not in my color scheme). Finally, I was fed up and told her to back off and her job as a bridesmaid was to support the bride, and NOT be in the spotlight. She didn't take that too well and then I told my fiancé I wanted to punch her in the face. I was sorry and embarrassed that I told him I wanted to punch his sister. But secretly, I still would like to pop her in the lip." - Toni, 26, of Texas

"I discovered, via my sister, that my fiancé had added some items to one of our registries without asking me. I was horribly offended he put items on there without my approval and flipped out. I was grocery shopping at the time, but that didn't stop me from calling him in the middle of the store and cussing him out (for the first and only time ever!). Turns out he put some dishes on there so his mom could buy them for us and get a discount. She wanted to surprise me and the dishes are beautiful, so I just should have chilled." - Whitley, 24, of Kentucky

"The only problem I have been having is with one of my bridesmaids. I asked one of the girls to be in my wedding and she hasn't contacted me and I have a month left. She hasn't bothered to text me if I need any help or if she could do anything. So two weeks before the wedding, she will no longer be in it." - Christine, 22, of California

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